Equipment from China

China today is confidently holding the leading position in the field of equipment export to many countries of the world. And this is not surprising because equipment from China optimally combines a range of factors that make it competitive on the world market.


We offer direct contacts with TOP Chinese suppliers of the equipment, which you can buy directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries. We have strong connections with manufacturers of various equipment in many industries, including but not limited to:​

  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Processing industry (CNC, Grinding equipment)
  • Injection molding equipment
  • Construction machinery and equipment
  • Medical industry
  • Various production lines


We have developed a simple yet effective algorithm of cooperation:

  • Sourcing and selection of the manufacturer
  • Familiarization with the equipment range
  • Verification of equipment and documentation in close contact with your company’s technical specialists
  • Quality control of the equipment before shipment
  • Assistance in organizing the visit of the experts from the Chinese manufacturer’s factory for the installation and training of your personnel in operating the equipment

Extensive practical experience and close cooperation with partners from China allow us to minimize possible risks when concluding a deal.

Delivery of the equipment will be carried out in the shortest time and in a way that is most beneficial and optimal for you. 


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