Quality Control

Problems with the quality of goods imported from China have become a commonplace cliché. Certainly, with rapid high-tech industrial developments over the recent years, China has come a long way from that stereotype. Nowadays, many Chinese factories manufacture advanced, durable first-rate products.

Nonetheless, the incidents of the cheap and quick ways of production to the detriment of quality still often cause losses and negative experiences to foreign buyers. This is especially true where western businessmen lack either the experience in trading with China or the time needed to assess the suppliers and suitability of their products with due care.

As compared to the declared specifications, the actual goods shipped can be different in a number of significant aspects including:

  • workmanship
  • materials used
  • dimensions
  • weight
  • performance and resilience
  • colors and quality of design
  • packing and marking
  • and so on.

All such discrepancies can potentially cause significant losses to the buyer. At first sight, such risks can seem inherent in modern commerce, when trading is often performed at arms’ length.

Yet, there is a simple solution to the problem!

Entrust our company’s specialists to perform a professional quality inspection on your behalf in China and you will be safeguarded against the danger of receiving non-conforming goods.

We will promptly perform product quality control keeping you well-informed and taking every effort to accommodate individual requirements and answer your critical questions.

Give us a call to find out more.

The findings will be documented in a professional report encompassing, amongst other details, the information about

  • product batches
  • quality and of the inspected products and their packaging
  • major and/or minor defects revealed,
  • discrepancies as to the quantity (if any)
  • results of the performance and stress tests (where applicable)
  • other aspects individually requested by the client.

These will be supplemented by the relevant photo and/or video materials recorded during the inspection.

A quality check will help you avoid unpleasant surprises and give you peace of mind that the goods shipped or produced for your order are merchantable and have the agreed characteristics.


The quality of products you receive from your regular Chinese suppliers is directly dependent on the regularity of quality control as well as the tenacity with which the existing problems are brought to the manufacturers’ attention.

Left unchecked, even long-term business partners can let you down either gradually or unpredictably, ruining a large and important order.

Periodic quality checks performed independently from the supplier’s internal control systems greatly reduce such risks.

Typically, quality control in China is divided into the following stages:

Initial Production Check (IPC):

Initial Production Check (IPC) is performed at the stage when about 5%-10% of the production process has been completed. IPC allows to carry out corrections of any non-conformities detected and to make timely improvements before the commencement of mass production.

During Production Inspection (DPI)

During Production Inspection (DPI) is performed at the stage when 30%- 50% of the production process is complete. This inspection validates that the initial production process has been maintained and that goods produced continue to meet quality requirements. In the case of new raw materials, new operators, production lines, or specification changes, this service can reveal if requirements are being met during production.

Final Random Inspection (FRI)

Final Random Inspection (FRI) is the most effective inspection that confirms the whole shipment’s quality level. It normally requires the production to be 100% complete and at least 80% of goods to be packed into cartons. The checked samples are randomly selected according to the AQL standard.

Additional Services:

Sample Picking Service

Sampling service ensures that the samples are collected randomly from mass production batch in order to counter “pre-arranged” samples placed by the supplier to represent the appearance of the quality of the mass production to the buyer.

Loading Supervision

Loading Supervision provides a perfect solution to confirm the correct quantity and good condition of the cartons loaded into containers before dispatch.
Do you need reliable quality control in China? Our specialists can carry out the full range of required actions to minimize the risks relating to the quality of the products exported from China.


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